Readings of the Day Wensday 18 Nov 2015

18 Nov
Readings of the Day Wensday 18 Nov 2015

2 Maccabees 7: 1.20-31
Psalm 17: 1.5-6.8 and 15b
Luke 19: 11-28

The Parable of the Ten Gold Coin

The point Jesus wants to make for the people who thought the kingdom of God would appear immediately, is that it will not come immediately.

In our day also some fellows from time to time come along predicting the end of the world in the very near future, on a certain day.

Jesus tells his listeners and us: NOT YET! In the meantime, he advises us to work for the kingdom, to use all our talents of nature and grace to give glory to God and do good for our neighbor.

Some day though, the King will return and ask an accounting of how we used our time and talents, especially the graces he has given us so generously. To bring out his point, Jesus tells the story we just heard. He will praise those of us who have done our best. He will accept no excuse for laziness from us who were too afraid to take any risk because we are too lazy to work and too afraid to face difficulties.

So we know now how it will be. Let us listen then to his advice and with courage busy ourselves with the concerns of God and with promoting his Kingdom.

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