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Faith Seeking Action

27732946694“Lenten season gives us the opportunity to contemplate Jesus our proto-ancestor, who died in order to give us life. It is a journey marked by so called three traditional dimensions: Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving”. During this time of Lent, we, as Maria Assumpta Catholic Community ( Marhomeni) reflected much on the book published by the  Department of Evangelization and Family Life Desk of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference. As the heading states: “Ku va eka Kriste, ku hitekela eka Vurhumiwa”. Therefore, after Ash Wednesday, 1st week of Lent, we started meeting every Friday at 16h00, whereby we reflected on the topic and readings that are prescribed on the due book. Throughout the meetings, we shared as members and tried to uplift each other’s faith relationship with God. We also committed ourselves in living up to all the good work that our Lord lived mostly in the Gospel readings specified in the book. IMG-20140327-WA0000Moreover, for the whole six weeks of Lent, we conducted the sharing on Friday according to sodalities we have in our parish, namely: St Anne, Young Adult, Sacred Heart, Daughter of St Anne and Youth. We hope that this sharing will help us and build us as community, uplifting our faith and grow as one family in Christ, bringing responsibility in our families, praying for those who are in need of our prayers, loving one another and working together for the building of our community. May the Holy Spirit makes us grow in faith and to be generous so that we may strive and help our fellow brothers and sisters.

Pedro, Chair person