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The futur on your hands: Christmas Youth Workshop

P1050021I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself”. While the whole world was still mourning the author of this beautiful quotation, Nelson Mandela, a Workshop was taking place in Acornhoek Parish (Maria Assumpta). Sr Jane, Sr. Penninah, Ms Lizzy workshoped us on the topic “How to build a successful future: Project of Life.”

This topic was inspired by the Gospel of Mark: “Which of you intending to build a tower would not first sit down and work out the cost to see if he had enough to complete it? What a king marching to against  another king would not first sit down and consider whether with the ten thousand men he could stand up to the other who has twenty thousand?” (Lk 14: 27-35)P1060186

The motivation was the undecided and awkward situations of most of our young people.  The so called “digital generation”  doesn’t help much the majority of our youth to draw their project of life.They take things for granted and live without much planning for their future. They rely more on what the technology is offering. Consequently, they (sometimes) do not take seriously studies. And they eventually end up in the street taking drugs, becoming prostitute… This situation was expressed in the talks by helping us to deepen this saying: “When you fail to plan or project; you are projecting or planning to fail”.

P1060196The workshop started on the 20th and ended on the 24th December night with the Celebration of the Christmas vigil.  At the end of the workshop few youth were interviewed and gave their feedback about how good and fruitful was the workshop. “The workshop was wonderful and fantastic because I never thought of that even though it was my first time. On the topic we had two categories: Success and Failure. In those two categories I learned that in life you only live once and your future is in your hands. Good friends can lead you to success and bad friends to failure. Moreover, I learned about my scars, pains and fears. In conclusion, I learned that I must do my best and let God do the rest”, said Neo, one of the Acorhnoek youth.P1060061

“The workshop was great, the lessons were good, and I really enjoyed it. The morning devotions were all good and all the youths were participating. Brief, everything was fantastic according to the plan.” Said Ms Kgaugelo Shai.

It was a wonderful experience. Organizing and participating actively in this Workshop helped on redoing and deepening our own projects. All of us kept in mind the question stressed by all the facilitator: Do you have any project. If not are you encouraged to start building one? Planning brings confidence and makes you aware of your strength and weak point.

Boniface Gbama, mccj.

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” Whoever does the will of God is my brother, and sister, and mother.”

” Whoever does …

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Sunday School Workshop

P1040938From the 10th to the 14th December 2013, the Parish of Maria Assumpta – Acornhoek had three days of Sunday School Workshop for children at Acornhoek mission. The main reason for such gathering was to “Learn, Pray and be together”, said Father Philip . Therefore, the workshop was one of the best that the children could exercise some collective efforts.P1040934

The workshop was facilitated by the executive committee as well as the adult’s supporters of the Catholic Sunday School, assisted by Scholastic Boniface Gbama and Postulant Jubilant from Ludlow.

Children arrived in the mission on the 10th and were welcomed by postulant Jubilant. Thereafter, in the evening they had the introductory part of the workshop followed by prayer, singing and supper.

P1040923In the following days, the Prayers were led by Ms Florence Sibuyi and Ms Aletta , and the talks were given by Ms Esther and Ms Minkateko, Katleho and Selina Sibuyi. As time went by, children have learned many values through topics such as Behaviour at Home; School as well as Sacraments, Beatitudes how to pray Rosary taught by Mrs Anna Malamule, and Christmas drama by Ms Emmy Mnisi and other countless things.P1040935

Moreover, the children also enjoyed playing games together. The evening before departing, children had social evening, whereby they promoted and discovered their talents through singing, dancing and competitions.The workshop ended on the 13th of December 2013 with a Eucharistic celebration. On the 14th morning after breakfast was the departure, preceded by the cleaning of the compound.

Mhlongo Jubilant, Comboni Postulant.

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Bosco Volunteers

Who are they?P1050423

“Youth practitioners” who dedicate a few months to a year of their life to serve young people, as members of the Youth Ministry Team based at Bosco Youth Centre in Johannesburg.

Our Ultimate aim? To evangelise by educating and to educate by evangelizing.P1050418

When would I start & finish? Each year a new group which is selected from all the applicants, starts up around the 10 – 15 January and ends around the 15 – 20 December. This year 2014, 4 youths from our Parish Maria Assumpta are attending that course.IMG-20140108-WA0005

What specific task are volunteers required to fulfil? They run sessions on a variety of programs – retreats, Love Matters and leadership courses. They also help run holiday camps. They are involved with anything to do with youth ministry. As a result of the experience, it is hoped that volunteers at the end of their year of service and training are able to find employment more easily.IMG-20140108-WA0004

Bro. Boniface Gbama

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Youth Pilgrimage 2013

P1040736On the 7th to 8th December 2013, the Diocese of Witbank organised a youth pilgrimage in Maria Trost whereby many youth of the Diocese gathered together for a prayer vigil. The youth of Acornhoek Catholic Parish accompanied by their chaplain, Fr. Jerome Soku and several Adult youth supporters also partook in that event. The Diocesan’s theme of the year states: “Belonging to Christ, committed for mission”. Therefore, all the youth were called to commit themselves in the work of the Church. As every part of the body is important in the construction of the human being, so every person is important in the building up of the Church and must fit in the Church’s activities; This is how one finds the meaning of belonging to God. The Vigil was far from being a boring one. Praising and worshiping, Testimonies and Bible sharing from each deanery on how God touched the youth in their lives occupied the whole night and everything went well according to program.

IMGA0016The youth of Acornhoek left the grounds of the Parish around 14:00 and arrived in Maria Trost around 18:00. Few minutes after our arrival, the Master of Ceremony started welcoming people followed by the introduction of the theme which was done by the Youth Chairperson.

Thereafter, there was sharing of Seminary and convent life experiences without leaving out the celebrations of the ‘World Youth day’ which took place in Brazil and the 10th year anniversary of Education For Life. After the sharing we walk around the court yard praying the Stations of the Cross preceded by a reflection on the importance of prayer by Fr. Francis Mahubane. Around midnight there was a Healing Service followed by Confession Service, and finally, there was Holy Mass presided over by Bishop Sandri which closed the pilgrimage. P1040772When the youth of Acornhoek Parish came back, they had a little moment of socialisation at Acornhoek parish, ‘Marhomeni’, before going back to their homes. We are grateful to God for his protection throughout the whole pilgrimage as we join our voices to the Youth Prayer of the year saying: “Lord God, you sent your Son Jesus Christ into this world to be an example to us all. Give us knowledge, courage and a willing heart to be your disciples of today, to learn God’s will, to share God’s message, to love and to serve with youthful zeal. We dedicate and entrust to you our ministry, for, with and by young people. We ask all these through the intercession of our Patron, Saint John Bosco that we may find ourselves, God and our place in the life and mission of our Church and society”. Amen.

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Bro. Boniface Gbama


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